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What Does It do?

It’s usage is pretty limited, and is a tool dedicated to one function: Convert John The Ripper format NetNTLM hashes to HashCat compatible format.


I previously have had a requirement to convert multiple NetNTLM JTR hashes to my preferred format for HashCat, and to be honest there wasn’t really any good resources online to help with understanding the hash formatting (let alone the conversion). Thankfully there were one or two that helped, but I figured this would be helpful in doing the conversion en masse.

Also, I like to look for any excuse to brush up on my Python skills.

OK, How Does It Work?

Sure, well you can either use a single-hash entry with the -i or --hash switches, which when entered will take you into a prompt for the hash (for those who are interested in why I did it this way it was because the bash input kept causing errors with special characters, and this was an easier mitigation than adding a load of escaping nonsense).

You can also use a file to input a mass list of hashes with the -f or --file switches and will be output to the screen by default. Although you can use the -o or --output switches to set an output file instead.


John The Ripper: ins1gn1a:$NETNTLM$b6230fa64e2f98a8$47ddd5e7d46114b6d65029d02ac1dd41e4ebd15121c4b772
Hashcat: ins1gn1a::::47ddd5e7d46114b6d65029d02ac1dd41e4ebd15121c4b772:b6230fa64e2f98a8


GitHub: https://github.com/ins1gn1a/NetNTLM2HashCat
For the Lazy: git clone https://github.com/ins1gn1a/NetNTLM2HashCat.git

This post is licensed under CC BY 4.0 by the author.